Agile – Lean conference in Dublin

news | April 10, 2019 | Dublin
The keynote lectures were given by the greatest experts in the field

Have you ever heard of Croke Stadium and the game of Hurling? And how can this be linked to agile in any sense? Well, Hurling is an outdoor team game of Gaelic origin, very popular in Ireland. Home of this sport is Croke Stadium, the third-largest stadium in Europe, and home of this year’s Agile-Lean Conference in Dublin.
It seems there is no better place to talk and learn from masters of Agile and Lean, than Dublin – perfect personification of optimized flow where every detail is organized.
The conference was held from the 24th until the 26th of April and it hosted 700 participants. We had the opportunity to participate in workshops and talks and to really learn about embracing change in the workplace, how to prepare for it and how to lead others and become an agent of change. The keynote lectures were given by the greatest experts in the field: Barry O’Reilly – author of Lean Enterprise, Dan North who wrote about Behavior Driven Development and Mary Poppendick, the author of Lean Software Development.
In between more than interesting lectures, there was plenty of time for networking and exchanging opinions with people from other countries and companies like SYMANTEC, AXA, EVENTBRITE, Verizon Connect, Red Hat, etc.
All that we heard at the stadium about organizational culture and agility, building communities of shared values, the importance of finance in the agile transformation was just perfectly completed with everything we saw in rainy Dublin. Bad weather, dense traffic and numerous busses in the city center are not causing headaches to drivers and passengers. Everything is planned so that it has the perfect flow without any stagnation.
We would recommend everyone who has a chance to attend this conference because it is a place where you really learn something, where you meet great people and have a chance to talk to the greatest minds in the field. However, we cannot forget authentic Irish pubs, Museum of beer and whiskey and the enormous cultural heritage you will get to encounter.

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