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If you never give up on your ambitions, if you never quit asking curiously, if you always strive for innovation – our team is a place for you to be in!


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United Cloud People


United Cloud People

We are all different. Some like tennis, others hate it. Some eat meat, others don’t. Among us we have those who enjoy hiking and those who spend weekends by the fire, reading. Some dress in vivid colors, others prefer just black outfits. Some have pets, others are afraid.

However, one thing binds us all.

We are all ambitious and brave. And there is nothing we wouldn’t do for one another.

Our team counts more than 200 highly skilled professionals, all connected by the passion for innovation, teamwork, and smooth and extremely constructive collaboration on breakthrough projects.

So, no matter how diverse, once you become a part of our team – we all act as one. We grow together and discover new horizons together.




Curiosity is what we are driven by. We know there is always more and we strive for it. What excites us is the unknown. Every project of ours is just setting new boundaries that await to be crossed. If we were to describe our team in just a few words, those would be:

Passion for creative innovation. That’s all there is.

Tech Partnerships


Tech Partnerships

Great minds think alike. Therefore, we continually create and nurture fruitful partnerships with only the best from our industry, hoping to achieve even more. Together. Because we just love to explore and discover opportunities for new superior products we create. We are just as keen to share our knowledge as we are keen to learn from the eminent world-class minds, coming from the premium tech companies.

A place of growth


A place of growth

It’s a place of constant growth – both professional and personal.

Each employee can explore new possibilities, choose the path and the speed of their growth, as we maintain an environment where no question is left unanswered, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with many teams in charge of different aspects of our product line development. This is how we keep a constant learning and intellectual advancement within the company.

We value every person in our big UC team. We appreciate your potential, boosting it to the maximum. All you going to get from this organization is full support to thrive.