EON Smart Box launched!

news | December 14, 2018 | Belgrade
United Cloud has successfully completed the development on United Group’s latest product: Eon Smart Box.

The latest flagship STB (SetTop Box) that will be deployed simultaneously in four different countries (Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro), across whole network footprint of United Group is a Google-certified Android TV device and represents the pinnacle of one full year of development effort by United Cloud personnel and our partners.The STB, provided by Kaon Media as an OEM, is based on latest generation of Broadcom chipset with 15K DMIPS quad-core CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and 8GB FLASH memory to store not only Eon app and Google TV apps such as YouTube, Google Play Movies, Music and Games, but virtually any app that a user decides to download from official Android TV Play store and install on the box. The high performant hardware ensures smooth playback of Full HD and UHD (4K) video in 60fps with support for Dolby Digital and Hi-Res Audio on SPDIF optical interface. The device features a sleek-looking RCU, winner of Red Dot Design Award 2018, in two different form factors. The RCUs, both with unique and recognizable design, are custom made by Tech4Home for Eon Smart Box and they feature motion sensor activated backlight, built-in microphone and Bluetooth to support voice search and Google Assistant. They also come with an IR interface and a humongous built-in base of TV sets to allow control of the TV and eliminate the need for two remotes. Eon Smart Box is a hybrid device that employs DVB-C delivery of linear TV and an IP connection for non-linear services such as 7 days of Catch-up TV on all live channels and a content library of on-demand content. The box can also work in a “pure-OTT” mode where all services are delivered via Internet/IP connection, which makes it suitable for out-of-network-footprint deployments. The highest level of content protection is ensured by Nagra provided CAS and native DRM technologies.

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