Winners of Bits N’ Android TV Hackaton and their mentors at Google I/O 2019

news | May 18, 2019 | Belgrade

Imagine you have a chance to be at the conference only the lucky ones have a chance to attend. To meet thousands of people from your industry from the entire world, in one place.
From 6th until the 9th of May, two of our team members together with the winners of Bits N’ Android TV Hackathon were part of this year’s Google I/O conference. I/O brings together developers from around the globe for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and the first look at Google’s latest developer products.
When we said only the lucky ones get the chance to attend, we meant it! People apply for the lottery, so they could get an opportunity to be chosen, not to get tickets for free, but to buy them! As Google’s trusted partner, United Cloud was able to secure tickets for team members.
At the conference in Mountain view, they had a chance to listen to numerous interesting presentations that were held during the whole day in 8 different halls simultaneously. They used the opportunity to hear all relevant information from the first hand, to discover new devices and new products. They also used this conference to work on new solutions together with the leaders of the industry.
We are really excited that we can use this experience, the contacts we made, and everything we learned during this couple of days, to work on our products, develop new features and ideas.
All the presentations and lectures are filmed and recorded. You can find them on the following

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