It was the first Design Meetup where we gathered the enthusiastic and diversified public from the design community - from well-established design professionals to students of the Faculty of Applied Arts and future designers. And there were no free seats left!


“The idea behind the Design Pulse Meet-up is to feel the pulse of the local design community - get together, know each other, and share knowledge and stories about our adventures. As hosts, we opened the door of the Design Studio and plan to continue this practice with more events in the future. We're happy about the great response of the community, making us believe even more in our ambition to become regional excellence and knowledge center. Our experts have a lot to offer to strengthen the community, but we also look forward to learning from it and implementing that knowledge in our Product Design and work in United Cloud’’, Nikola Zivanovic, Experience Design Director.

The Design Pulse Meetup covered the following topics:

 Product Design at scale - Nikola Zivanovic, Experience Design Director

Man ake impact with your research - Ivan Djordjevic, User Experience Researcher, with interactive support from Jelena Popovic, Lead User Experience Researcher, and Vojislav Vujosevic, User Experience Researcher.

Why did the researcher shave his mustache - Vladan Peric, User Experience Researcher (and yes, it has something to do with research methodology and his job in United Cloud).

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