EON, award winning TV platform, that has changed the experience of watching TV forever in our country and in six markets of South-East Europe, and the entire world through the NetTV Plus platform, was the topic of the first day of NEM Dubrovnik 2021, the most important event related to TV trends in the CEE region. 

Owing to EON’s constant development, a revolutionary TV platform that is used on daily basis on more than 1.5 million devices in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece by the end of the year, almost entire content is now available on demand on every device, anywhere, at any time, fully customized. 

“EON platform, emerging in 2017 as one of the most advanced TV platforms in the region, processes more than 50,000 video assets every day, and is used on more than 1.5 million devices. It enables the option of viewing content on several devices, anywhere and through any internet provider. Also, it offers an option of opening a profile and customized recommendations, special environment for children through EON KIDS, as well as Sports Mode widgets,” says Srđan Đurđević, United Cloud Innovative Development Center CEO.

EON is a service TV platform enabling watching TV on all devices – TV set, telephone, tablet, and computer, anywhere, at any time, fully customized. Using EON platform, full content is available up to 7 days back, on all devices, with content recommendation based on customer’s habits. Therefore, we can call the EON Smart Box a home entertainment console. 

“With the emergence of Google Android TV ecosystem, operators and development centers acquired an operating system with lots of possibilities beyond TV domain. Thus, within EON TV platform we have a full Appstore with more than 5,000 apps, as well as Gaming segment. Also, customers may use own private content, photos, audio, video through the same device, and manage own Smart Home devices and TV content using Google Assistant and voice search,” Srđan adds.

 He announced that even more advanced solutions are developed in United Cloud that will be delivered to customers through EON TV. 

 “Our development teams are currently working on creating unique UX that will be used on one device, one application and one subscription. We wish to integrate all available 3rd party applications through EON UI and EON Smart Box to enable customers to reach desired content through unique customer experience, search and discovering new content.”

One of the conclusions of the panel is that United Group EON TV platform sets standards related to supreme customer experience in the region and contributes to the development in the area of multimedia and content viewing manner. 

Telecommunication services became a very important part of our lives; thus, they are developing in an accelerated way. United Group, together with United Cloud, is a pioneer in introducing innovation in TV and internet in our region and were the first ones to introduce the future of personalized TV. 

Technology is rapidly changing in the direction of personalized customer experience, and United Cloud is bringing this future forward, is the conclusion of the first day of NEM Dubrovnik 2021.