During the match Serbia - Azerbaijan, within the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup in football, EON TV platform reached a record flow of streaming traffic of 1 Tb/s.

United Cloud, innovation and development centre of the United Group, within which SBB also operates, during Serbia’s soccer team, measured the flow of as much as one terabit of streaming traffic per second.

„This huge flow of streaming traffic is proof that we have an extremely stable technological platform and a strong network infrastructure. It also shows that our development team is ready to support the growth in the number of new EON TV users, which increases daily,“ said Srdjan Djurdjevic, CEO United Cloud.

He added that „an innovative TV platform that has changed the experience of watching television in our country, has achieved another success with a flow rate of 1 Tb/ s, which could be compared to 125,000 photos per second or 26.5 DVDs per second.“

Thanks to the United Group, which operates in eight countries in Southeast Europe, the EON TV platform is also available in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria, i.e., via the NetTV Plus platform anywhere in the world. It will soon be available in Greece, as well.