DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer you will be responsible for maintaining existing solutions for monitoring, alerting and deployment automatisation, while being responsible for optimisation of existing and implementation of new solutions. You will leverage these existing technical strengths to understand our existing infrastructure while being given the freedom to innovate major improvements to meet changing needs. You will automate all aspects of lab life, from self-hosted Kubernetes coupled with SDN to automating different hardware instruments and creating self-service ecosystem for our engineers.


Your responsibilities:

  • Utilising all existing DevOps processes, e.g. server provisioning, deprovisioning, security updates, intrusion detection, log collection and analysis, backups, implementation best security practices etc.
  • Creating scripts and/or tools to automate daily tasks of Lab users
  • Integrating various third-party solutions with our in-house built platform
  • Configuring, maintaining and automating L2 and L3 networking equipment used in Lab environment
  • Implementing internal services for system analytics and monitoring
  • Documenting your designs and solutions
  • Proposing, planning and implementing further improvements

What we're looking for:

  • 1+ years of experience in DevOps, Systems Administration, Development and/or Automation role
  • Experience working with modern infrastructure operations and automation tools
  • Proficient knowledge of and passion for the Linux operating system
  • Experience working with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Nexus, GitLab or similar) and process automation platforms (Rundeck or similar)
  • Experience working with Monitoring (CollectD, InfluxDB/Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack)
  • Experience working with Virtualization environments – Proxmox, Openstack, VMware
  • Knowledge of modern scripting languages (Python, Go or similar)
  • Experience with source control (Git)
  • Basic knowledge of network protocols and equipment configuration, DNS, VPN, firewalls, AD authentication
  • Good verbal communication and good interpersonal skills
  • High proficiency in written and spoken English

What will be considered as a bonus:

  • Knowledge of Docker (or other container runtimes)
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of software-defined networking (SDN)


Bonus Bonus
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Here’s the thing:

We come to work every day to face exciting and challenging creative problems. And we come armed with an extremely Agile mindset and a bundle of opportunities for career growth and personal development plans.

We come and go relaxed and happy as we know United Cloud has our back, making sure our work and private life are in a perfect balance.

Our team is made of smart people, ambitious enough to make the change and brave enough to move boundaries. There is always room for more individuals like that, so send us your CV.