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Our IPTV solution allows you to create a better viewer experience by offering video on demand (VoD), catch-up TV and other interactive features. You can also expand your viewership and generate new revenue with our OTT solution. No need to worry about head-end equipment, there is no CAPEX and you can pay as you grow.


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Our Solution

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End-to-end Service Chain


Encoding / Transcoding

United Cloud is responsible for encoding and transcoding of all Live and VoD signals in SDI or TS formats. UCTV supports HLS, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH.

Content Management System

The United Cloud’s Content Management System will allow you to create program lists or packages, offer advanced EPG and VoD metadata ingest, and set STB multi-room control. You can block any channel by geo-location, service provider, channel lists and/or packages.


Content Delivery Network

We offer powerful and continuously expanding CDN that enables you to reach and engage your audience. Exclusively used by more than 100,000 unique users, completely integrated with United Cloud streaming platform, fully redundant, fail-safe solution monitored 24/7 by experienced experts.


Digital Rights Management

Streams are protected with UniCAS – United Cloud’s proprietary DRM. The streams URLs are encrypted with AES-128 encryption and they contain many meta-parameters which will be used to prevent a malicious attacker to reuse URLs and enable us to track and prevent such a behavior.


Remote Management

United Cloud will provide access to our web-based remote management GUI for the first-layer support. The remote management GUI will enable you to reset STB, speed test, ping, trace-route to streaming server, send log files from box to server for error detection and gather HDMI connection data (EDID).



The United Cloud platform has a Web-based analytics platform with monitoring capabilities such as a number of active devices by device type, subscriber trends (history graphs), detailed viewership analytics, number of active devices per region (city, municipality, etc.) and much more.


24/7 Monitoring

The United Cloud platform will make sure that your TV service is running safely and reliably. We will provide continuous monitoring of signal from content ingestion to delivery to end-user devices. Our stuff will communicate exclusively with your support staff and we will not provide support to your end users.



Our GUI supports: Linear TV, EPG, fast channel change, catch-up TV, start-over TV, pause TV, radio channels, favorite lists, parental ratings, SVoD, splash/promo screen, OTA STB upgrade, options screen, help screen and much more.

Video on Demand

With Video on Demand feature your customers will be able to watch thousands of movies, series or programs with simply browsing VoD library and selecting video content they want to consume.


CuTV/Pause TV

With Catch-Up TV / Pause TV feature, the consumers have complete control over the video content playback. If they missed their favorite TV show a few days ago, CuTV feature can help them catch-up. If they need a break while watching live TV, this feature can help them not to miss any important moment.


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United Cloud is a part of the United Group,
the largest alternative telecom provider in the Ex-Yugoslav region.


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