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Do You Want To Offer The Ultimate
Multi Screen Viewer Experience?

United Cloud platform is easily accessible and delivers content to any device - STB, Smart TV, smartphone, tablet or web. Our user-centric graphical interface supports wide range of features to provide seamless viewer’s experience across all devices.


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United Cloud TV will provide you with a completely functional and localized GUI, based on HTML5 and native (Android, iOS, Windows) technologies, including but not necessarily limited to the following set of functionalities:

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Live TV

Your customers can watch their favorite TV channels live while they are broadcasting.

Catch-Up TV / Start Over TV

This handy feature will make your customers enjoy their favorite TV shows over and over again.

Pause – Live

When your customers need to take a break while watching live TV, this feature can help them not to miss any important moment.

Advanced Media-Rich EPG

Your customers will have an access to precise, reliable and accurate EPG across all screens.


Watch thousands of movies, series or shows by browsing VoD library by genre, type, etc.


Your customers can set non-intrusive reminders to not miss their favorite TV shows.


Your customers can listen their favorite radio stations live while they are broadcasting.


Our solution is flexible enough that we can easily integrate with any other STB vendor worldwide.

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Multi Screen

Our solution includes next-generation user interfaces for smart TVs, computers, STBs, smartphones and tablets.

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We are fully integrated with major STB OEMs and our solution is directly ported to leading global chipset vendors such as STiMicro and Broadcom. We are currently running on flagship STB models like Albis 8083 and Arris VIP 1113. We are in the final stages of integration with the new generation STBs based on the HEVC /4K standards.


MAG 254

MAG 254 is a powerful Set-Top Box with efficient processor STiH207 and increased RAM memory, and it is an optimal solution for IPTV/OTT projects. The Set-Top Box is designed to fulfill business projects of internet providers, OTT operators and content aggregators. The increased productivity of MAG 254 enables to use resource-intensive interactive applications and support 3D-video.

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SceneGate 8083

The SceneGate Micro (8083) is an ideal IPTV and/or OTT STB that is housed in a small case. It is based on STiH207 chipset and it has 512MB of DDR memory. It supports all larger CA/DRM vendors and it allows an easy implementation of a HTML-5 user interface.

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VIP 1113

VIP1113 is powered by the Motorola KreaTV operating system, which integrates with leading VOD and CA/DRM systems. It is using STiH207 chipset and it allows an easy implementation of a HTML-5 user interface.

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Multi Screen

If you would like to offer the ultimate multi screen viewer experience, United Cloud TV solution will provide you support for Android and iOS operating systems for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and computers.


Being at home or out of home, your customers can enjoy their favorite TV shows on tablets while enjoying the ultimate set of features that will make their viewer experience unforgettable.

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Based on an innovative concept and interactive features, our user interface will provide your customers with the high-quality viewer's experience for the video content on their mobile devices.

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gui smartphone
gui smartphone


Our modern user interface will allow your customers to fully enjoy watching favorite video content on PC, laptop or notebook in their home or office.

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Smart TV

The cutting edge graphical user interface will immediately transform your customers’ Smart TVs into the ultimate viewer experience. The time spent watching TV will be even more enjoyable.

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United Cloud is a part of the United Group,
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